Skills Training in Affect & Interpersonal Regulation (STAIR) Group Therapy

heart-carved-treeThis group is designed to help people who have functional impairments that often occur after exposure to traumatic events and have difficulty in deal with emotions in safe and healthy ways and dealing with interpersonal situations effectively.

Approximately 4 weeks are devoted to learning skills for dealing with distressing feelings by developing emotional awareness, building skills for dealing with negative feelings and managing distress.

Participants will learn to improve their interpersonal relationships by identifying and changing old relationship patterns that interfere with or overshadow current relationship goals.

Group Details

Group Meets: Every Wednesday @ 2:30pm

Issues: Coping Skills, Relationship Issues, Trauma and PTSD
Treatment Orientation: Trauma Focused
Age: Adults
Session Cost: $30
Email Dr. Leigh Randa about this group or call (619) 431-4190

Group Location
Friendly Psychology
6000 N Chatham Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri 64151

Please note: This group is an “in-person” format so available to Kansas City and surrounding residents only. Potential clients will need to call to determine appropriateness for the group. The group is a “cohort” format rather than rolling admission.