One of the most common challenges to mental health is major depression, characterized by severe lows, irritability, loss of pleasure, and potentially suicidal thoughts. It is a physical, mental, and emotional condition that, for some, can be debilitating.

There is another form of depression that can be equally as problematic, and yet it often goes untreated. It is known as Dysthymia, or persistent depressive disorder. Highly treatable, many people are living in Kansas City, Missouri with dysthymia right now and do not know it.

What is Dysthymia?

Dysthymia is often called “low level” depression, although it is no less important. Those with dysthymia often live with a similar depressed mood, but may only have one or two other symptoms, such as fatigue and irritability. Dysthymia was renamed “Persistent Depressive Disorder” because it tends to be present for a long time, usually 2 or more years.

Dysthymia has similar symptoms to major depression, including:

  • Low Mood
  • Sleep Changes and Tiredness
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Trouble Making Decisions
  • Difficulty Enjoying “Fun” Activities
  • Withdrawal from Social Situations

Those with persistent depression may also have periods of major depression as well. Persistent depression can make it hard to enjoy life and thrive personally and professionally, which is why it is important to consider calling a trained psychologist to help provide you with an appropriate treatment.

Treatment for Persistent Depression in Kansas City, MO

For some people, persistent depression becomes the new normal. They feel that life is simply sad or dark, and that there is little they can do to treat it. I believe that every person has the potential to overcome their chronic low level depression, and the evidence agrees – with the right treatment, depression of all forms can be managed, and clients can enjoy a better quality life.

Using several interpersonal therapy options, evidence based interventions, and a comfortable environment for you to talk about your experiences, it would be my pleasure to provide you with assistance for your depression, offering a treatment to those in or near Kansas City, MO, along with Telehealth options for those that struggle to commute.

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