This includes a diverse number of diagnoses as trauma underlies many mental health issues including PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder), Acute Stress Disorder, Complex Trauma, and Adjustment Disorders. The trauma can result from any individual or combination of events such as (but not limited to) war, combat or combat injury, sexual assault or sexual abuse, natural disaster, kidnapping, physical abuse, domestic violence or childhood abuse. Smaller life events are also traumatic, such as being shamed or embarrassed, end of relationship or divorce issues, loss or termination of job, loss of home, relocation or moving. Even positive events can be stressful and deemed traumatic such as having a baby, a new job or promotion, or getting married.

Feedback Informed Trauma Therapy

The underlying goal of my Friendly Psychology is to treat each patient as unique and to collaboratively determine a treatment plan based on respect and the identified needs of the patient. To this end I utilize Feedback Informed Therapy which provides a vehicle for open communication between patient and therapist to guide the therapeutic process.