It’s normal to feel a little uncomfortable in social situations. Socializing is challenging, and even those that seem highly confident in social situations often suffer from at least a small amount of anxiousness. For some people, however, social situations invoke a sense of severe dread or anxiety. The mere thought of going to a social event can spark considerable stress.

If you find that you’re someone that has a very difficult time managing your anxiety in social situations, you may have social phobia, also known as social anxiety disorder: a highly treatable anxiety condition that triggers fear and stress when faced with social interaction.

How Do I Know if I Have Social Anxiety Disorder?

In order to determine if you may be struggling with social anxiety disorder, we’ll talk about the challenges you experience when you’re in social settings, what your thoughts are, how you feel, and more, and we’ll use those answers to determine if you may be struggling with social phobia. Questions to ask yourself include:

  • Do you find that the idea of social situations triggers some anxiety?
  • Do you think your social phobia has been preventing you from friendships/relationships?
  • Do you feel as though you’re missing out on important life experiences?

For some people, their anxiety in social situations feels more like an extreme shyness. For others, it may trigger panic attacks or cause the person to escape. There is no right or wrong way to feel social anxiety. If you feel that you are having a very hard time socially and would like to find ways to reduce your stress and anxiety in these situations, you may want to consider therapy.

Social Anxiety Treatments in Kansas City, MO at Friendly Psychology

You may feel hesitant about coming to see a therapist, and that’s okay. I will always do my best to create a supportive, friendly environment where we can talk about whatever may be holding you back and find solutions to help you feel more comfortable and confident socially.

I have an office in Kansas City, and I also offer Telehealth online therapy options for those that are unable to come to meet in person. If you’d like to discuss my therapy services, and start treating your social phobia – or any social issues – please call me today at 858.224.3767, visit my WeCounsel telehealth portal, or email me at