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Why Do Mental Health Symptoms Develop?

Every individual is different. Although the field of psychology has taught us a lot about how to treat mental health disorders successfully, every single person has experienced their own ups, their own downs, their own successes and their own challenges.

For those that have struggled with anxiety and depression here in Kansas City, there are some amazing treatments that can successfully help you manage them. Your story, though, is still important, and it is something that is unique to you.

How Anxiety and Depression Symptoms Form

Before treating any mental health condition, it helps to understand your background to determine why they developed. Anxiety and depression can form for many different reasons. Some of the possible causes include:

  • Reaction to Challenge/Trauma – Both anxiety and depression may form as a result of a single life event, such as a trauma, loss, or significant life change. Severe and profound stress can lead to the development of PTSD, depression, panic attacks, and many different forms of anxiety.
  • Past History and Upbringing – It is also possible to develop anxiety and depression slowly over time through the experiences you had growing up. Everything from a rough childhood to bullying to economic difficulties can cause anxiety and depression, especially if they caused chronic stress.
  • Problematic Mindsets, Habits, and Coping – Some mental health issues can result from habits. Those with negative mindsets, for example, may view the world in a negative light. That negativity may color how they experience life, and lead to developing psychological challenges.
  • Genetics and Predisposition – Finally, some anxiety and depression forms for no apparent reason at all. It is likely that some combination of stress and genetics led to the development of the disorder.

Each individual’s mental health is shaped in a different way. What’s fascinating about the field of psychology is that all of the causes listed above respond very well to treatments. Even when anxiety and depression likely have a genetic cause, therapy and depression are proven successful at helping relieve them.

Moving From Cause to Treatment

The human brain is an amazing organ, capable of fixing itself, growing, and changing. That is why psychotherapy is so effective. It helps to know what causes your anxiety in order to treat it. Yet no matter the cause, there are solutions available to help you take control of your mental health.

If you have found yourself struggling and are interested in speaking with a Kansas City psychologist, call Dr. Randa today at 858.224.3767.

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